Testimonies from Sunny's Customers

Dear Sunny,
We had a great trip to the Philippines and we truly enjoyed meeting more members of my family that I’ve never know before.
It was very nice meeting you and I hope you will continue to build your career in the tourism industry. I had a lot of fun being with you and sharing my tine in Shanghai for the first time. My husband and I will keep in mind should the occasion arise for us to refer you to our friends when they come to Shanghai.
Thanks once again and take care.
Polo from California US ---Shanghai Private tour

Hello Sunny,
I am writing to thank for your fantastic help during my business trip in Shanghai for one week. You are very nice and it was a very nice week for me. During this week I’ve learnt a lot of things and I met a person who is very nice and clever and now also a very good friend for me. In my future trip to China, I would like to hire you again as my interpreter and I hope to see you quickly, the most quickly of possible.
Thank you Miss Sunny, I am very happy and lucky to know you.
Keep in touch and good day.
Damien from France --Business visit in Changzhou,Jiangsu

Hello Sunny,
We have now arrived in Thailand.
The trip to Korea was very informative and I hope that we will be able to use one of the fabricators.
I thank you very much and greatly appreciate your help and assistant during our trip .Your help was fantastic especially showing us around Shanghai. Please also say thank you to Mr.Hu for me and Mr.Roy and Mr.Paul.. It is sure that in our next trip to china we will give plenty of prior notice so that you can be available.
All the best and good luck for your future business .I am certain that if you continue to conduct yourself as you did with us that you will get much repeat business.
Thanks and best regards.
Dennis from Australia -Business visit in Shanghai &Jiangsu

Dear Sunny,
We are very glad with the film footage we’ve made in China, thanks very much for all your in time and punctual service with the driver, surely we will phone you when we visit the Shanghai region again.
Thanks a lot.
Best regards.
Jorne from Netherland --Private tour in Ningbo

Hello Sunny,

I am home now and it was such a wonderful trip with you in Shenzhen. I enjoyed my stay there and I am also very happy with your work for me and I really appreciate it.
Also i am very glad the way things went the business contacts, I could not expect more for the first time, I am happy and I will like to come back again, I will definitely keep in touch and will let you know how things are progressing here.
Thanks for the picture with Rusher; I will send you the pictures you as soon as I download them.
Take care and you will hear from me soon.
Larry from Uk--Business visit in Shenzhen

Sunny is a nice and very kind-hearted girl, even since our first time to meet her, we feel so close to her. We spent one week holiday here in Shanghai before Christmas, during the time, she helped us a lot, not only arrange the casual family meetings with our friends in Shanghai and be the interpreter for us during our meetings, and also helped us shop a lot of things with very good price, she has very good bargaining skills, this is very surprised to me, we feel that we owned her a lot. We will definitely catch up with her again in our following trip to Shanghai.
Stan & Chris from Sydney, Australia-Shanghai private tours

Hi Sunny,
Thanks for yesterday. It was really nice having you to help me. I had a great time in this Shanghai trip. It will be the most memorable trip for me in Asia with such a nice and wonderful tour guide, if any my friends visit your city I will certainly refer to them from my side.
Keep in touch and take care.
Lawrence from Hawaii, US --Business visit in Shaoxing

Sunny is the best interpreter I have met till now, after the meeting, my supplier also told me about this. I hired her one day to meet my supplier in Lin’an, Hangzhou city , even though myself can speak a little Chinese , but during the business meetings ,I couldn’t well understand some very technical issues , she always accurately translated our discussions ,because of this , we finished our work timely and very efficiently. I highly recommend sunny to anyone who need the interpreter service for their business meetings in China.
George from US--business visit in Lin'an

Dear Sunny,
Hope your are well.
I have been meaning to thank you for your much needed help and kindness. We just returned this morning.
Hong Kong and Taiwan were very exciting. Very different from Wenzhou, however very promising. During our time without you, we realized just how important you were and what an integral part you played to our trip, in both a business and a social aspect. Your charming and humorous character greatly improved the quality of our trip.
I hope to return to China in the future, and I will definitely intend on continuing our adventure with you. I hope we keep in touch. Don’t eat too much KFC.
Best Regards,
Jonathan and Joe from UK---Business visit in Wenzhou ,Danyang
I hired Sunny for one day as my shopping assistant to help me buy some curtains in Shanghai, it was raining heavily and cold that day morning, but she arrived punctually. During my shopping, she always tried different ways to get the lowest price for me, the price she got even out of my expectations. This time I realized that it is worth hiring the Chinese to be your shopping assistant. I recommend Sunny to those who want do some shopping in Shanghai.
Marry from US-Shanghai private shopping tour

Hey Sunny,
We had a GREAT time in Hangzhou and Shanghai! We would not enjoy such wonderful trip without you, thanks so much for showing us around and making it so great.
Jason and I both think China was the best part of our trip and we both look forward to going back there one day and see you again……
You take care and we will keep in touch.
Bye for now.
Deborah & Jason from US--private tours in Hangzhou & Anji

Hello Sunny,
Thanks a lot for the translated documents, as always you have been very punctual and up to the
Mark. You are really excellent. As and when work comes it will be for you only. Have a great day and time. Speak to you soon.
Joseph Daniel from India--Children's book translation

Sunny is very reliable and responsible, we came to Shanghai to attend the fair and exhibited our machines, during the show, she not only acted as our on time interpreter, but more as a professional sales person, she always willing to answer what the visitors ask her, and marked well for each potential customer for us, which greatly save our time. She indeed helped us a lot in exploiting the Chinese market as a company as ours.
Joe from Italy-Shanghai trade fair ITMA Asia 2008

I had three days trip with Sunny in Shanghai and Suzhou, it was so fantastic. In our trip, Sunny not only showed us around the best part of Shanghai, also helped me get a lot of Chinese stuffs with Chinese price. She is very knowledgeable and experienced in her performance. We will surely hire her again in our next trip in Shanghai.
Peter from Australia --Business and private tour in shanghai ,Suzhou

Dear Sunny,
thank you very much for your nice pictures and a great thank you from me and my husband for your service provided during our trip. We really had a great time with you and your other guides recommended. We are back home and sharing our best memories with our family and friends.
Hope one day to come back to China again :))
all our best,
Ruta from Lithuania--Private tours in Shanghai,Hangzhou,Suzhou

Dear Sunny,
It was a nice moment in Shanghai; I very much enjoyed the short time we had.
Thank you for meeting with me and showing me around.
I am now in Guangzhou with business associates & meeting is going well.
Weather in Guangzhou is very rainy - just like Scottish weather!
Hope your business goes well in the future.
Best wishes
Antony from Scotland --Shanghai half day shopping tour

Dear sunny,
I’ve arrived home safely.
It was my pleasure having your company during my shanghai stay and I will recommend all who wants to visit china either for a business tour or as a tourist to use your service as an interpreter or guide as you have a very good knowledge and knows your subject very well.
I am looking forward to meet you during my next visit and wish you a good luck.
I am also attaching herewith photos taken for your record and memory.
Best regards
Paresh Vira from Mumbai, India--Shanghai private tours

Hi Sunny.
It was a pleasure to know you and how good friend you are. Thank you for all the guidance and good time I had during my stay in shanghai.whatever I saw, felt and understood of the place and people I liked it very much and definitely will return to you. I just reported to office today and very busy with unfinished works.
Pls extend my thanks and appreciation to lily too. I shall send her a text soon.
Suresh Kumar
Operations Controller
--Shanghai one day private tour

Hi Sunny,
Below is the sample report that Mr. Rajish Singh of Kuala Lumpur had sent us for your guide.
And thank you so much for the excellent service you have provided to our clients. It was a pleasure doing business with you!
Julie from U.S --Shanghai private tours

I hired Sunny's services for about 9 days on a business trip to China. We performed several in-factory visits, and she turned out to be an essential asset in our negotiation process. She provided an extremely valuable advice when needed, and became our guide and advisor while we were there. Ms. Sunny proved to be a reliable and trustworthy interpreter in several situations. I personally recommend her to anyone who is travelling to Shanghai area for business/leisure!” November 25, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity
Joan Arus San Segundo from Spain---Business visit in Shanghai,zhangjiagang,Dongguan

Dear Sunny,
Really sorry I have not communicated the last couple of days.
I do hope you are well and your customer is fine -- which I am sure they will be, with you looking after them.
I wanted to thank you sincerely, for the time you spent with us, very usefully, your kind efforts, and for being extra nice and considerate all the time. We were very happy to have you with us and all of us are looking forward to seeing you again. Tony was asking about you as well.
Please look after yourself and take care.
We will see you soon.
Kind regards,
Sabira from U.K --business visit in Shanghai

Hi Sunny,
Thanks for your e-mail. We are back safe and sound in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We are trying to get our bodies readjusted to the time zone. Our trip was great and you made the Shanghai portion of it really fun! Here is a picture that I thought you would enjoy. Hope to see you again soon.
Michael & Teddi from U.S --One day private tour to Tongli

Hello Sunny
How are you? Thank you so much for a good business trip in Shanghai and other cities.
I don't think we can get everything done with out you. All of us have a really good time during the trip and I will inform with you in advance for our next visit.
Hope you have a good spring holiday with your family.
Dennis from Australia –business visit in shanghai ,Ningbo

Hi Sunny,
I sent you the novel about Hawaii that I was telling you about. It's a good read and it will explain how the Chinese came to the island. I included a bag of chocolate covered macadamia nuts. All the tourists buy them to take home. Hawaii is famous for growing these nuts. The gift is coming in the postal mail with the address you wrote for me in Chinese.
Thank you for being such a big help and a terrific tour guide. We could not have seen all we saw without your expertise.
Thank you so much and please enjoy the little gift.
Sandy & Allan from Hawaii
--Private tours in Shanghai,Suzhou, Tongli ,Luzhi,Zhouzhuang,Xitang & wuzhen

Hi Sunny,
We're back here in the US after a long flight.

We had so much fun with you. We were so lucky to have you. You always go an extra mile to help us out. Now I feel like you're family. We can't wait to go back there especially Chris.
We are leaving again tomorrow for Mexico for a week vacation. How about you? Hope you get some time off after all those factory trips.
I will keep you posted on how our business is doing. We really want you to be part of this business.When it's up and running we will need your help on a regular basis and we will come up with a compensation plan for you.
Anyway, don't work too hard. Please stay in touch.
We miss you!
Ruth & Chris from California, U.S --business visit in Ningbo & Hangzhou

Hi Sunny,
I am now in Thailand. I would like to thank you for all your help and hard work while I was in China. You were really great !!
I shall contact you sure in my next visit.
Best regards ,
Rob from U.K--business visit in Yiwu

Thanks for the great job you did sunny.
I look very much forward to seeing you when I come back soon. I enjoyed your freindship and value what you have taught me about life there along with what you had to say. I had a very nice time having you with us/me.
Jim Whelan from U.S--Business visit in Shanghai,hangzhou,Beijing

Dear Sunny,
A brief e-mail to thank you for the outstanding job you did for us on our recent trip. your ability and good cheer added greatly to our enjoyment of a most successful visit.
All best wishes,
John Brown from British-- business & touris visit in shanghai,hangzhou,Beijing
Dear Sunny
Just a little note to say you are a fantastic lady,excellent guide and shopping guru.We were all exceptionally happy with everything and I have given your name and contact details to a friend already.Thanks again for a wonderful day.By the way the cooking class was excellent also so you can recommend it to customers also and ERA was great.
Luv Kim families from Australia --Shanghai private tour and shopping tours

Hi Sunny
Many thanks for a terrific day today. It was a great pleasure spending the
day with you. I expect to see you in Washington, DC very soon.
Here's the silly subway shot. Even though it is a good picture, you certainly lighten the scene. Truly Sunny!

Dennis from U.S --one day shanghai private tour

Hi Sunny,
I hope you’re doing fine. Just wanted to thank you for your professionalism!It has been a pleasure working with you!
Have a nice day!
Miranda from Belgium --Expo in Wuxi

Hi Sunny
Thank you so much for everything you did for us and for putting us in touch with Aurora. She went far beyond what would be expected in helping us in Beijing. We visited the great wall yesterday, today the Forbidden City. Thanks again for everything.
Tom, Mai and Renate--Private tour in Shanghai, Tongli & Beijing
Hi Sunny,
It was indeed lovely to meet you! I really appreciate all your great advice and support during my stay in Shanghai. I wish you the best of luck with your future plans, both professionally as well as in your private life. I will indeed contact you again if I require further support.
Veronika from Sweden-Business visit in Shanghai& Zhejiang

Dear Sunny
How are you? I just got back to thailand on Saturday. Our trip went on really well and we got back to Shanghai around 4 pm. Overall everything went on quite smooth and I think we may go back there again for product inspection sometime soon in next few months. Thank you a lot for your help this time and we hope to work with you again in the future.
Thank you
Arocha from Thailand –Business visit in Jiangsu

HI Sunny, Thank you for all your help when I was in China Harry was very good and Catherine when I was in Beijing as she took me to the Great wall and took me around the City and the driver she had was good too I hope you are well .
Simon from Australia --Business visit in Shanghai & Beijing

Richard has been really great - thank you for introducing him to us.
Suzhou was great and the canal trip turned out to be more than I had expected.
Hope all is well with your and take care!
Best wishes
Tom from Hawaii --One day private tour to Suzhou

Hi Sunny,
We got home from our trip on Monday morning at 2.30am so I didn't get time to answer your e-mail until now. Vic is still on holiday till next week but I had to go back to work today :( and I think Trevor went back to work today too and Karens goes back tomorrow.  Peggy and Frances went back to work yesterday as they came home a day earlier than us.
We're excited to get our photos developed so we can show everyone our personal "pocket rocket" Shanghai tour guide!! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for allowing us to use you as our guide around Shanghai. You made our holiday in China the best part of our trip. Without you to show us around we wouldn't have been able to see all the things we did. I didn't stop talking about you and our time with you and the places you showed to all my fellow workers today. My boss wanted to make sure I had your details in case he goes back to Shanghai and needs a guide, so be prepared we'll be giving your details out to everyone who we know that is coming your way. We were very lucky to have found you and hopefully we might be about to return to visit again and are very proud that we can call you a friend.
Remember if you ever get the opportunity to come to Western Australia please contact us and we will return the favour of showing you around. We'd love to see you here.
Once again thank you for sharing you city with us abnd making it such a fun time in Shanghai.
Keep in touch.
Margaret from Australian –Shanghai,Suzhou ,Tongli private tours

‘’Sunny handled our tour so efficiently. Just corresponded thru emails & we're able to complete all details. She coordinated all train tickets & made sure all guides came to pick us on time. We specially enjoyed our Hangzhou West Lake trip. It was just for a few hrs, the guide she assigned, Vincent Zhen entertained us with history &legends. He can even play the flute. Everyone spoke English fluently. A good guide equals an enjoyable & a memorable trip.’’
Joyce from Philippine-shanghai,Hangzhou private tours

‘’We are extremely happy with the performance of our guide, Sunny. Sunny's english is excellent and she has excellent initiative, anticipating our every need and responding to our requests. She is friendly and helpful in every aspect. We had a fantastic time in Shanghai and wished we'd stayed longer to experience more. We give Sunny the highest rating of 5 stars.’’
Janet from Australia –Shanghai private tours

‘’Sunny was a wonderful guide. Well organized, on time and quite knowledgeable of the Suzhou gardens. Also her English is great. I recommend her highly for anyone who needs guide for excursion to Suzhou.’’
Vincent from the U.S.—One day Suzhou private tour

‘’Our tour of Shanghai gave us the opportunity to see the different sides of this beautiful city. The old town, the Bund and the French Concession were impressive in their own unique ways. The Shanghai Museum was memorable. The site of the First National Congress of the CPC was interesting. Sunny was a very informative and helpful guide. Her command of english is excellent. She was very willing to modify plans to meet our wishes. We thoroughly enjoyed our time with Sunny.’’
Jozef from the U.S –Private tours to Shanghai,Suzhou
‘’Sunny was wonderful. She has a cheery disposition, a very good command of the English language, and very knowledgeable about Shanghai. We had a great time with her.’’
Judy from the U.S- Shanghai one day private tour

‘’It was a pleasure to travel with Sunny. The tour to Suzhou was well organized. Sunny was a very good guide: best informed and very polite. If we come again to Shanghai, we'll make again a tour with Sunny.’’
Ulrich from Germany- One day private tour to Suzhou

‘’Sunny was terrific and we could not have done this trip without her help. We will recommend her to all our friends when they travel to Shanghai.’’
Anthony from the U.S –one day private tour to Tongli

‘’Despite the cold weather and leaden skies forecasted for our trip, we were lucky enough to have eight Sunny hours in Shanghai. Her name suits her well- cheerful, buoyant, always smiling. In addition to a wonderful disposition, she was always punctual, responsive, well-prepared, and went above and beyond to help us arrange the schedule we desired. Highly recommended.’’
Andrew from the U.S –Shanghai , Suzhou ,Tongli private tours   

''I had an excellent tour from Sunny, the weather was inclement initially but she was enthusiastic throughout. She had been in touch when I booked to check on my interests and she adapted the tour for my requests which we finalised at hotel. She was knowledgeable on the sites visited and also good on general Shanghai and China background. She did not flag after lunch, and unlike some guides kept going all afternoon. She later got me some acrobatic tickets and met me at the venue. An 'extra mile' guide.''--Richard from U.K , tourist trip in Shanghai 

''Sunny was awesome. Arriving in Shanghai with limited time we knew we needed some local help to navigate the foreign surroundings. Sunny met us at the airport and was patient with us even though some of our group were very tired from lack of sleep. She arranged our airport transfers and the tour shuttle and then was very flexible in the activities we did. I was very happy with her and it made the trip and day visit worthwhile.''-Luck from Australian , tourist trip in Shanghai 

"Sunny gave a great personalized tour of Shanghai. Her English is fluent and she was very responsive to our requests. We decided to go see the acrobat show in the evening and Sunny went out of her way to get tickets and escort us to the theatre 2 hours after our tour should have been done. Highly recommended."--Biann from the U.S , tourist trip in Shanghai 

''We had a wonderful experience with Sunny on our tour at Shanghai. She and her driver picked us up at the cruise ship terminal and took us to the water village of Zhujiajiao. We had lunch at a great local restaurant and had time to walk the Bund and enjoy the Shanghai skyline. Sunny speaks excellent Engish and is very knowledgeable. We will definitely call on Sunny when visiting China in the future.''--Jann from the U.S , tourist trp in Shanghai & water town Tongli 

"Sunny was an awesome guide. She was very flexible, informative and easy going. I definitely recommend her."--Brian from the U.S, tourist trip in Shanghai 

"Personable, funny, well informed and thoroughly delightful! I would highly recommend Sunny!"--Lesley from the U.S , tourist trip in Suzhou 

'Sunny was absolutely amazing! Professional, knows everything regarding each and every place we visited. Also, she is the one to answer all of your questions regarding China and the Chinese culture. More than that, and not less important, Sunny knew how to cope us as light travelers in general and western travels in particular. the tempo, the sites it selves, the food during lunch breaks, the atmosphere, everything was just perfect ! We had wonderful 2 days with you Sunny, we earn a Friend in Shanghai."-Roni from Israel , tourist trip in Shanghai & Hangzhou city 

"Sunny is well presented, speaks English perfectly, is very upbeat and energetic, and knows the city very well. Her restaurant recommendations and guidance was excellent, and she was always willing to stray off the beaten track or amend the text-book schedule to accommodate our wishes. Importantly, she was like a little pit-bull when she needed to be - never afraid to stand up to locals to the benefit of her clients. I can recall her muscling in to the train ticket line to save us some waiting time"--Greg from Canada , tourist trip in Shanghai & Suzhou 

"Sunny is probably the most outstanding tour guide we have ever had. Her English is perfect, she is knowledgeable, and most importantly,she is a wonderful person--kind, warm, energetic, caring, and a great sense of humor. My husband and I highly recommend her in the strongest terms. She is a gem."--Carolyn from the U.S, tourist trip in Suzhou 

"Sunny is very knowledgable about Shanghai and her english is excellent. I enjoyed my day very much, visiting quite a few sites. Her personality is very warm, welcoming, fun and she is a joy to be around."--Michele from the U.S , tourist trip in Shanghai 

"Sunny was extremely helpful from the beginning, making us a flexible tour for the days we had in Shanghai. The fee was reasonable and arrangements via email were convenient, prompt and easy. Sunny is punctual, friendly and her english is extremely good. She took us to the main Shanghai sights, shopping (where we used her local knowledge to help us bargain a great price) and to Suzhou on the fast train. We loved the 'knock off' market, the food and the people. Thank goodness we had you Sunny! Xx"--Maxine from New Zeeland, tourist trip in Shanghai and Suzhou 

"Sunny was awesome! She is very knowledgeable and easy to chat with. I enjoyed her company immensely and she provided a great tour of Shanghai's highlights. Thank you for a great day!!!!"--Cathy from Canada , tourist trip in Shanghai 

"Sunny is the dream guide....bright, knowledgeable, patient, enjoyable to be with, very responsive to one's needs etc. We had a terrific full day in Shanghai and if we come back will certainly want Sunny to guide us around again!"--Charles from the U.S , tourist trip in Shanghai
"I booked a specialist private tour to see the most important stores in Shanghai on a recent business trip. Sunny was totally helpful and very knowlegable, helping me to navigate the best of the city with the limited time. She was friendly, professional and gave a great insight into the city. I would strongly recommend her again."-Matthew from U.K, private tour Shanghai 

"Sunny was fantastic. Her English was wonderful, her guide skills impressive, and her negotiating skills in the markets beyond compare. She was very flexible, gracious, and had a wonderful sense of humor. We recommend her highly."-Jean from France , private tour in Shanghai 

"Sunny is great, energetic, enthusiastic and knowledgeable, courteous and friendly .We felt her as part of our family.She even arranged our staying at a beautiful hotel, even though we were 10 members, Sunny did an excellent job making our visit enjoyable and fun. We felt her as part of our family. We are very much indebted to her for making the tour so successful. We could not have received a better guidance for our a day in such a beautiful city. We would highly recommend Sunny. Thank you Sunny!!!"--Marina from Mexico , Private tour in Shanghai 

"Mission accomplished! Sunny (Lilian) took our group of 4 to areas of Shanghai slightly out of the way. We had a more authentic experience in a beautiful city. A goal was to have soup dumplings and she took us to a great local restaurant and the food was fantastic. Our driver, Mr. Xu was also excellent and took great care of us and got us back to the cruise ship in plenty of time. Pre-tour communication was EXCELLENT. Thank you Sunny!"--Gail from the U.S , private tour in Shanghai 

"We had a great evening tour with Sunny. For us it was a perfect introduction to Shanghai and to China - exactly what we were looking for, and more. Sunny's up beat and fun attitude helps make a great day even better."-Jeff from New Zeeland , private tour in Shanghai
"Sunny is an extraordinary guide, she has succeeded to fulfill all of our desires in one complete day and done it with tender and kindness. I think we didn't just find an excellent guide but also a true-some friend. We truly enjoyed the time with you, Amit & Neta Goren, Israel." 

"Sunny has shown us the true authentic and cultural China. from the first impression you can see that she is blessed with the treats that a good guide needs: knowledge, kindness, patience and wisdom. We really enjoyed the time spend with you."-Carl from the U.S , private tour in Shanghai & Hangzhou 

"Sunny made our first trip to Shanghai memorable! We spent two days with her and specified to see how people "lived" and we were not disappointed. We took a ferry, the subway and walked everywhere. Sunny is very knowledgeable and a pleasure to be with. When we suggested having Peking Duck for lunch she immediately researched and discovered the best local restaurant and we had the BEST! Sunny is very accommodating and we will definitely use her services on our next trip to Shanghai."--Lydia from the U.S , private tour in Shanghai 

"First I am French, so sorry for my english. I think I d found one of the best guide This very dynamic little woman have taken care of my colleagues and me like an old friend (for example she asked us to send her an email to be sure you have reached the airport after the visit ). She knows very good places and can help you in every topics (negociation , taxi , subway ,hotels) She also have a good sens of humour and we had a very good tours because of her. PERFECT"--Rodolphe from France, private tour in Shanghai 

"I highly recommend Sunny. She came to pick me up at the airport and spent all the day with me visiting the best parts of Shanghai. Wonderful experience."--Nara from U.K , private tour in Shanghai 

"It was great touring with Sunny. I never had to wait for her. She's very accomodating and patient. She was there from the time I got out of immigration to the time I got into the gate for my deaprture. She made sure that everything went smoothly. Highly recommended and would definitely tour with her again."--Maritoni from the U.S , private tour in Shanghai 

"Sunny was the greatest tour guide I have ever had the pleasure of travelling with. I was very impressed by the fact that she was at the airport waiting for me even though I was an hour early! Sunny made sure that I was able to see all of the places that I wanted to. Also, trust Sunny when it comes to barganing, she does a fabulous job! I cannot wait to see more of China with Sunny."--Nadine from Canada, private tour in Shanghai